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Education Indonesia

At this website we will attempt to provide information about schools and institutions that are offering international curriculums. For students who know exactly what country and institution they wish to study in, the choice of a specific school or study program to meet their needs may not be too difficult. However, remember that the best preparation you can undertake is the one that provides you with the greatest range of future study options. This includes options for advancing your education within your own country.

There are now several Foundation Studies programs being offered in Indonesia and they are very helpful. Foundation Studies provides much more than just the English language skills you will need, but also prepares you in many other ways for study in a foreign country. As a teacher of ESL and having worked overseas with overseas university preparation programs I would say that even students in Western and European countries would benefit greatly from completing a foundation program before entering university.

Why do I say this? Foundation studies programs also provide you with very valuable skills in self-discipline and time-management. I can still remember when I was a first-year university student in Australia (my own country) that I, like so many other students, encountered serious problems with planning for deadlines and understanding what lecturers were really expecting from us. University was so different to High School, the students seemed relaxed, nobody was pushing us, essay submission and test dates were still far away, life was good! Suddenly, we were awaken from our hibernation to face the realities of having to complete multiple assignments and practicals on time, which was by then quickly running out.

Many schools in Southeast Asia are now offering international curriculums like the IB and curriculums from state or national governing bodies in Western and European countries, and these programs are excellent. However, there are some issues which create difficulties for some schools being managed in Asia, one of which is the difficulty of operating under examination timetables designed for the governing body's country.

We hope that the information and links that we provide will be helpful and we invite your suggestions about other products and sources that would be helpful to you. You can send your suggestions to us and we will try to assist you.

What Is An International Standard Education?

"The International Baccalaureate defines the term according to criteria such as the development of citizens of the world in accordance to culture, language, and social cohesion, building a sense of identity and cultural awareness, encrypting recognition and development of universal human values, encourage discovery and enjoyment of learning, equip students with collectivist or individualistic skills and knowledge that can be applied broadly, encourage global thinking when responding to local situations, encourage diversity and flexibility in teaching pedagogies and supply appropriate forms of assessment and international benchmarking." Ref: Wiki

What we need to ask is when RSBI schools will achieve these high standards, if ever? Is it true that RSBI are "ICW: RSBI Itu Cuma Proyek Pemerintah!" (RSBI Is Merely Another Government Project) Is it morally responsible of the government to spend huge sums of money on (in spite of the alleged corruption issues) RSBI schools rather than the tens of thousands of schools that are in poor condition?

Wouldn't it be far more responsible and equitable to address the key issues in all schools rather than trying to create elitist schools (RSBI)? For instance:

Teachers Are Still too Dominant In The Classroom

"JAKARTA, - The learning and teaching process in schools continues to bore students and not inspire enjoyment of the process because teachers are still too dominant in the classroom.

"Students aren't given the freedom to express their individual and different points of view which is killing their creativity." -- Fasli Jalal

"Students aren't given the freedom to express their individual and different points of view which is killing their creativity," stated the Deputy Minister of National Education Mr. Fasli Jalal during a Professional Teacher Education discussion panel at the Faculty of Teaching and Education at the Catholic Universiy, Atma Jaya, on Saturday (4/12/2010)"

What is the main problem associated with the implementation of quality education in Indonesia (besides corruption), yes 'Students aren't given the freedom to express their individual and different points of view which is killing their creativity'. - Can we possibly hope that our graduates will be Active (let alone Pro-Active), Creative, Independant, and Capable of contributing to the country's development through Passive-Learning?

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Indonesian School & Education Fair News
400 Mahasiswa Ikut Kompetisi TIK
Wednesday, September 29, 2010 19:18:00 -- JAKARTA, - Sebanyak 400 mahasiswa dari 30 perguruan tinggi terpilih mengikuti final lomba teknologi informasi dan komputer atau disebut Pagelaran Mahasiswa Tingkat Nasional Bidang TIK (geMasTIK) ketiga. Mahasiswa yang lolos final itu berasal dari delapan perguruan tinggi di luar Pulau Jawa dan 22 perguruan tinggi di Pulau Jawa.
Guru Sekolah Internasional Bakal Dapat Pelatihan
Tuesday, September 21, 2010 05:45:00 -- TEMPO Interaktif, Jakarta - Pemerintah memberikan kesempatan bagi sekitar 294 guru di sekolah bertaraf internasional di Indonesia untuk mengikuti 12 jenis pelatihan. Kami memberikan pelatihan guru tidak kali ini saja, tapi untuk guru di daerah terpencil dan perbatasan juga ada, ujar Direktur Jenderal Peningkatan Mutu Pendidik dan Tenaga Kependidikan Kementerian Pendidikan Nasional Baedhowi.
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